All members work together to provide quality educational and social opportunities, improving our individual homeschool efforts by sharing our strengths and knowledge with each other. Come visit our school and learn more about our philosophy for preparing your child for success.


MC2 is currently full, and not accepting new member applications for Fall 2017.  Please check back with us in future semesters.


WELCOME! Thank you for your interest in MC2. We are not just a homeschool co-op, but a close knit group of friends who support each other and have all of our children's' best interest at heart.



MC2 is a Christian-worldview homeschool cooperative in Fort Worth, Texas that offers a wide variety of classes and activities for students of all ages. At MC2, everyone works together to ensure the success of the Co-Op. All members teach, mentor, and encourage to further our children's homeschool education. In addition to excellent learning opportunities in core and extracurricular classes, our families have made life-long friendships.

MC2 encourages all its members to use their particular gifts. Do you have a passion for Art or for Science? Then you have something to teach us! Do you have a passion for Photography or Crafting? Then you have something that others will want to learn. We use our strengths collectively to create a strong group dynamic, all to equip our kids to learn and love learning.

From teenagers to toddlers, experienced homeschoolers to new, we have a place for everyone. Who knows what need we have that you will fill? It's an exciting prospect, so roll up your sleeves and join us!