Art Basics

Teacher: Elizabeth Figueroa

Age of Students: 8-12

Class Fee: $40

Length: 1 semester


Arts & Crafts

Teacher: Tiffany Halsell

Age of Students: 6-8

Class Fee: $25

Length: 1 semester



Teacher: Jacqueline Lowrance

Age of Students: 11 and up. If you turn 11 before December 31st,  you are eligible to...

Boffer Sword Class

Teacher: Bailey Gann and Laurie Gann

Age of Students: 11+ (unless approved by teacher)

Class Fee: $20

Length: 1...

Crochet All Day

Teacher: Rikki Johnson

Age of Students: 8+

Class Fee: $30.  This fee can be lowered if the student already owns some of the required...

Crafty Creations 2.0

Teacher: Sara Craig

Age of Students: 12+ (Teacher approval for this class)

Class Fee: $50 (the resin can get...

Elementary Choir

Teacher: Tricia Kelley

Age of Students: 6-10

Class Fee: $10

Length: 1 Semester


Filmmaking 101

Teacher: Laura (L.E.) White               Assistant:  Tiffany Halsell

Age of Students: 10-13

Class Fee:...


Teacher: Denise Surles

Age of Students: 12+

Class Fee: $10

Length: 1...