Teacher: Tiffany Halsell & Terry White

Age of Students: 15-18

Class Fee: $25

Length: 2 Semesters

Prerequisites: None, but helpful if student took Personal Finance.

Class Capacity:  10

Class Description:

Could also be called Life Skills 101 – Today, some young people are moving away from home only to find that they lack some of the basic skills they need to “make it” on their own. These include everything from managing finances, business etiquette, and making relationships work to hand-washing a wool sweater, how to interview for a job, and cooking and serving a proper meal. Miss Terry and I hope to fill many of the gaps for your teenagers as they approach adulthood.

Homework Requirements:

There will be some assignments such as working out a budget, cooking something at home to bring to class, filling out various forms they will encounter in the future, etc.  I don’t foresee heavy or laborious assignments.

Required Materials:

A one inch 3 ring binder with paper and pockets, pencils, pens, and a simple calculator.