Advanced Chemistry

Teacher: Lisa Puckett

Age of Students: 16 and up

Class Fee: $5

Length: 2 Semesters

Prerequisites: Chemistry and Algebra II

Class Description:

This is a college level chemistry class, using Apologia’s text Advanced Chemistry in Creation. Students will be provided a syllabus with reading assignments and practice problems. Co-op time will be given to completing all of the labs in the text. Completion of Advanced Chemistry should prepare students to take either the AP or CLEP test for chemistry, though additional study time might be needed to prepare for AP style questions.

Homework Requirements:

Minimum of 4 hours per week.

Required Materials:

  • Advanced Chemistry in Creation textbook
  • Solutions and Test Manual
  • a lab notebook (I recommend a composition notebook from the grocery store)
  • Advanced Chemistry Lab kit


Extra class meetings may be required for this class.  That will be determined at a later date.