Advanced Drama

Teacher: Vicki Bone    Assistant: Denee Stockman

Age of Students: Teens

Class Fee: $5

Length 2 Semesters

Class Capacity: 24

Prerequisites: Beginning drama (or sanguine personality) This class is not for the shy!

Class Description:

The Advanced Drama class will give students who are already familiar and comfortable with public speaking the opportunity to share the “artist within them” with fellow classmates during the semester and possibly with parents and friends at other venues. The idea behind this drama class will be to enrich the student’s dramatical awareness and skills to enable them to build their confidence in public speaking opportunities while building friendships with their fellow classmates. Some of the areas that will be discussed and performed are monologues, small skits, and improvisation, etc. We will also have peer evaluations. Students will be expected to work independently and with others to perform and sometimes create skits, monologues, and improvisations, etc, during drama class time.

Required Materials:


Homework Requirements:

Students will be expected to memorize material when necessary.


Students may be required to meet outside of co-op hours once during the semester.