Boffer Sword Class

Teacher: Bailey Gann and Laurie Gann

Age of Students: 11+ (unless approved by teacher)

Class Fee: $20

Length: 1 Semester

Prerequisites: N/A

Class Capacity:  none

Class Description:

The purpose of this class is one of mild exercise and lots of fun. Since we are crafting weapons there will be some rules and they will be enforced rather strictly.

The activities performed will look somewhat like the following:

  • 1 on 1 dueling
  • King wars
  • Infection
  • And other outside games, simply integrating the weapons crafted.


I intend to teach the students how to craft their own boffer swords and teach them games in which they are used. The first 1-3 classes will be centered around making the weapon, and all following will be the games.

My rules for behavior are as follows. I realize there are many details, yet they are simple to follow.

  • I reserve the right to take a weapon away from any student at any time.
  • The only times a weapon should be in the hand of a student is during class, or during lunch time if I am supervising.
  • Respect. Any student found not respecting the following will be prone to have their weapon revoked for the remainder of the activity/class. You will respect the instructors, your classmates, and all weapons.
  • There will be absolutely ZERO hitting of a student who is unarmed or not a member of this class. Doing so will almost certainly have your weapon revoked for the remainder of the activity.
  • Honesty. Some of the games played will involve myself and the other instructor to serve as referees. During such, I will expect complete honesty from my students, as I cannot see everything. If I catch a student lying, I will consider revoking their weapon for the remainder of the activity/class.
  • This class does involve hitting each other, so join at your own free will.
    Excessive hitting will result in either a timeout from the activity or weapon revoked for the remainder of the activity/class.
  • I have final say in activities. I understand everyone wants to win. But given as this class is supposed to be about fun, students should not make a big deal about losing a duel or getting tagged by an enemy weapon. 


None needed.  Covered in class fees.