Teacher: Meri Arthur

Age of Students: 15 and up

Class Fee: $5

Length: 2 Semesters

Prerequisites: Algebra I

Class Description:

Following the Apologia curriculum, this class will study elements and compounds and their interaction under varying conditions, such as temperature and pressure. The two hour time block allows time to work practice problems as well as to complete each lab in the textbook. Students will be provided a syllabus with reading and practice problem assignments. They will also keep a lab notebook to record their observations and conclusions for each lab.

Homework Requirements:

Approximately 3-4 hours per week

Required Materials:

  • Exploring Creation with Chemistry, 2nd Edition
  • Solutions and Tests for Exploring Creation with Chemistry
  • Laboratory Equipment Set – Home Science Tools
  • Household items (such as measuring cups or tape measure)
  • Composition notebook
  • Scientific calculator (does not need to be a graphing calculator)