Current Events

Teacher: Tiffany Spelman

Age of Students: 14-18

Class Fee: $5

Length: 2 Semesters

Prerequisites: Must be willing to speak in class and participate in discussion.

Class Description:

We will be discussing events that are happening in our state, country, and the world. This will be an opportunity to discuss events and topics in the news rationally and learn how to walk away “friends.” Many times in society today we just say someone is wrong about something, like supporting or not supporting President Trump’s “travel ban”, without having thought through our rationale. We will discuss facts and be able to back up and support a biblical view of our world, as well as a constitutional view of politics in our country today. Sometimes, a student’s political view may not be the same as someone else’s; they may interpret the constitution to be meaning something different. That is okay, as long as they can state their reasons for this view, and if it is a moral issue, back their point of view with scripture from the Bible. I hope to have fun in this class discussing relevant topics facing our society today.

Homework Requirements:

Must listen and/or watch the news. Sources should be varied. At least one news event from week with title, synopsis, your opinion. Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck – all great news sources

Required Materials:

Possibly a subscription to Fort Worth Star Telegram if I can negotiate a reasonable rate.


No text needed unless a negotiated rate can be made with a local newspaper or talk show host. We will discuss current events which include many topics such as: homosexuality, transgender, abortion, Muslims, war, etc….