Destructive Science

Teacher: Tara Keller and Amy Eversole

Age of Students: 12+

Class Fee: $20

Length: one semester

Prerequisites: none

Class Description:

Let’s learn about how science works in the world around us by destroying some stuff!  Each week we’ll destroy, explode, burn, disassemble, and create controlled mayhem to explore scientific principles.

Homework Requirements:

No formal homework assignments.

(Students should expect one or two instances where they will be asked to brainstorm or think of a design for an upcoming project.)

Required Materials

Eye protection and gloves, to be left at co-op with class supplies.
* Eye protection: Most students find glasses-style protection more comfortable than goggles, particularly when working outside in the heat.

* Gloves: Rubber gloves, work gloves, etc.  Not thin plastic gloves (like used in food service) or absorbent gloves (e.g., knit).


Students must be able to follow safety instructions for the duration of a 55-minute class.  We plan to have a lot of fun in this class, but must be able to trust the students to behave as instructed.  If a student’s behavior on a given day causes concern in this respect, that student will be asked to wait in the administration room until after the experiment is over.