Discovery Science Ages 6-8

Teacher: Tara Keller aka Mrs. T.

Age of Students: 6-8

Class Fee: $20

Length: 2 Semesters

Class Capacity: 20

Prerequisites: It is helpful if the student can already read and write a bit.  Students that are not reading and writing yet can still take the class, but please let the teacher know in advance.

Class Description:

We will explore different branches of science with hands on experiments to help better grasp the concepts.  We may do things like play with an animal, test Newton’s laws, or see what type of explosion we can make.

Homework Requirements:

There will be some worksheets to help reinforce concepts we learned in class at home.  They will be asked to look for things that we learned about in their environment or look for an object to bring to class that ties to our experiment that day.

Required Materials:

  • a smock, apron or something to cover clothes as this class does get messy
  • occasionally, we may need a recycled material for class such as paper towel rolls, empty bottles, etc.