Economics (Foundations in Personal Finance)

Teacher: Laurie Gann

Age of Students: High school

Class Fee: $30 (majority of cost covers the workbook)

Length: 1 semester

Prerequisites: n/a

Class Capacity: none

Class Description:

An Economics course.

We will be going through Dave Ramsey’s course Foundations in Personal Finance – High School Edition. This class emphasizes life application while teaching money principles that will change your students’ lives forever. They will learn how to pay cash for their first car, graduate from college debt-free, give in generous and meaningful ways and more!

Homework Requirements:

There will be homework! Each week the students will need to watch a series of videos, answer the questions in their journal, and be prepared to discuss the lessons and participate in activities in class. Most weeks will be less than 2 hours to watch and answer questions – however, a few chapters are longer than the others and may take 3 hours. This will not be complicated work, but it will take time. Please make sure your student is prepared each week and please do not wait until Thursday to watch the videos for the week!

Required Materials:

Covered with class fees