Filmmaking 101

Teacher: Laura (L.E.) White               Assistant:  Tiffany Halsell

Age of Students: 10-13

Class Fee: $15

Length: 1 Semester

Prerequisites: An open mind, a respectful heart, a patient & teachable spirit.

Class Capacity:  7

Class Description:

In this class we will explore the process of making films, teaching students what to look for in movies, and learning from those movie scenes. We’ll be going over basic camera techniques, terminology, each job in filmmaking, and looking at a few people who completely changed the film industry (e.g. Walt Disney, George Lucas), and how their work changed the process. Though this class is meant to be fun, filmmaking can be very tedious, and may be challenging for some students.  This will not be a light class because filmmaking is not only about storytelling; it is also about problem solving!

Homework Requirements:

1.5 hours minimum per week, but a warning:  greater creativity may compel your student/child to spend inordinate amounts of time on an assignment.

Required Materials

  1. A digital camera that uses an SD Card. (sorry no cellphones)
  2. A spiral or composition notebook & pencil (there will be many things to jot down in class)
  3. A laptop computer, iPad, tablet, etc.- anything that you can use iMovie on.
  4. An E-mail address and/or phone number so I can contact you and your parent/guardian.
  5. An open mind, a respectful heart, a patient & teachable spirit.