Teacher: Meri Arthur

Age of Students: 9-13

Class Fee: $20

Length: 2 Semesters

Prerequisites: None

Class Description:

We are affected by what we eat, and food can be used to prevent and treat chronic disease. This nutrition class, taught by a registered and licensed dietitian, will teach what nutrients you need to not only promote health, but treat chronic nutrition related diseases. Throughout the two semesters, kids will learn hands-on how to plan a balanced diet while also learning how different disease states can benefit from various dietary changes.  If students would like, they may share their medical family history with the instructor to better tailor this class to meet their learning needs. This is not required.

Homework Requirements:

Weekly homework will include take-home activities to transfer what they learn in class to the “real world.” Students will also prepare for a presentation at the end of each semester on a nutrition topic of the student’s choice.

Required Materials

  • pencil/pen
  • (A binder and printed materials will be provided using the class fee.)