Teacher: Amy Eversole

Age of Students: 15 and up

Class Fee: $5

Length: 2 Semesters

Prerequisites:  Completion of the first-semester class or teacher approval.

Class Capacity: 10

Class Description:

Following the Apologia curriculum (Exploring Creation with Physics, 2nd Edition) this class will study motion and forces, electricity, and magnetism. The two-hour class block allows time to work practice problems as wells as to complete each lab in the textbook. Students will be provided a syllabus with reading and practice problem assignments. They will also keep a lab notebook to record their observations and conclusions for each lab.

Homework Requirements:

Students must read chapters, complete practice problems, and take tests on pace with the class. Approximately 4 hours weekly outside of co-op.  Lab reports must be turned in.  Tests may be parent-graded or teacher-graded.

Required Materials:

  • Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Physics, 2nd Edition
  • Solutions and Tests for Exploring Creation with Physics 2nd  Edition
  • Notebook or binder for class notes, assignments, and tests
  • Lab notebook (can be spiral, composition, 3 ring binder, or electronic)
  • Please bring textbook, lab notebook, ruler, timing device (phone, watch, etc…), protractor, paper, and pencil/pen to each class – all other lab supplies will be provided.


Each chapter (module) takes 2 weeks. To complete the entire course in one year, we must complete eight chapters each semester. This is typically accomplished by completing one chapter before the semester begins, six chapters during the semester, and one chapter after the semester concludes. Students have the option of holding extra class meetings outside of co-op or completing the study independently.