Projects & Crafts

Teacher: Lisa Dubon

Age of Students: 13 and up

Class Fee: $60

Length: 1 Semester

Prerequisites: Students must be able to listen and follow directions well. They must be mature enough to handle various adhesives and sharp and/or breakable project materials and tools in a safe manner.

Class Capacity: 8

Class Description:

This class is designed to be an enjoyable way for older students to participate in making various crafts and DIY projects. We will be using multiple materials, ranging from building supplies to craft items to create fun and useful projects.

Homework Requirements:

Though we will make every effort to complete projects during class time, due to time constraints and limited storage, some projects may have to be finished at home.

Required Materials:

Most materials will be supplied, but occasionally students may be asked to bring simple household items, tools, extra safety protection, or items to personalize their project or craft.


Students will be asked to take personal responsibility of their projects. If a project should require an extra week to finish, the students will be required (due to storage issues) to take it home and bring it back the following week at class time.

FOOD ALLERGIES: 1-2 projects will include food items.