Teacher: Amy Eversole

Age of Students: 13-18

Class Fee: $10

Length: 1 Semester

Prerequisites: None

Class Capacity: 12 students

Class Description:

This class will explore the basics of robotic construction, using the same components that are used in the Cowtown BEST competition. Emphasis will be on motion (wheels, balance, speed, etc) and manipulation (grabber arms, scoops, etc). Each week we will test out different set-ups and observe the results. Students will do the majority of the design and construction.

Please note: There is NO competition in the spring semester. One purpose of this class is to help us be better prepared and more experienced for the Fall 2018 competition, but participation in that competition is not a requirement for this class.

Homework Requirements:

Students should spend a minimum of 1 hour per week working outside of class. While there will be occasional assignments, the instructor would prefer to let students spend the 1 hour (or more) developing areas of expertise most interesting to them and/or most helpful to the team. This will allow our team members to develop their own interests so our team can be more well-rounded. Examples of homework include: cutting out wheels/gears/arms/etc, building prototypes, drawing design ideas, designing in CAD programs, documenting designs, etc. Students will report each week on what they worked on during their homework time. As long as students are making good use of their weekly hour and the class is progressing, the instructor will leave as much choice as possible in the homework assignments.

Required Materials:

Students should bring a notebook and pen to class to take notes on the various robots. (Laptop is also acceptable.) They should also bring the result of their homework each week.


While it is not anticipated that much tool usage will occur during class, it is likely that hand tools, drill, and heat gun may be used on occasion. If a student cannot use these tools, but still wishes to take the class, please contact the instructor no later than registration to help make accommodations.

Students will want to work on prototypes/components at home on occasion. To reduce class fees, we are not purchasing raw materials for all students. It is hoped that students can work with scrap wood/PVC, build prototypes from cardboard, or cheaply purchase small amounts of materials. If a student does not have access to these materials and cannot purchase any, please talk to the instructor to see if any materials can be acquired for the student.