Teacher: Terri Lowrance

Age of Students: 12 and up

Class Fee: $7

Length: 1 Semester

Prerequisites: None

Class Capacity: 12

Class Description:

Students will learn to use a sewing machine to make a straight stitch, zig-zag stitch, insert a zipper and make a buttonhole. Students will also learn how to cut out and read a pattern. Basic hand-sewing stitches also will be taught. We will work on several projects to exercise these skills.

Homework Requirements: 

Working outside of class on projects will only be occasional. Homework will typically be gathering and purchasing supplies to bring to class.

Required Materials:

Sewing machine, fabric pins, scissors, fabric, thread and notions for projects.


If you are interested in this class, but do not have a sewing machine, please contact Mrs. Terri. There are two machines available for students to borrow, but arrangements need to be made before classes begin. You may email to or text or call (817) 995-2880.