Sign Language

Teacher: Krista Graff

Age of Students: 7-18

Class Fee: $8

Length: 2 Semesters

Prerequisites: None

Class Description:

Signing Time teaches children of all abilities and ages how to communicate using American Sign Language (ASL). Through original songs, music, captivating video clips, and clever animation, the show teaches children how to communicate with others using ASL.  Children learn through song, repetition, and clever sequences the words and signs essential for school-age children.

Classes will include watching a Signing Time Video, reviewing the signs presented in previous lessons, and learning a little about Deaf culture.  Practice will always be included, both during and after the videos.

Older students (those who do not want to watch singing and signing, or whose parents prefer a more rigorous course) will be presented the full lessons found on ASL University (

Homework Requirements: 

There will be assigned practice each week. There will be videos to watch and opportunities to practice through video chat. I encourage students to teach their parents, so that all may practice.

Older students will be required to read the Deaf culture portion on ASLU and complete the quiz and assignment for each lesson. (About 1 hour each week, plus daily practice.)

Required Materials:

Older students need access to a webcam to record assignments, to be submitted by Wednesday each week.


Suggested materials: Sign language reference book of some sort, can be simple or comprehensive. This is the one we used previously:

Here’s others I have that are recommended:

Iphone Dr Bill’s “Fingerspelling Practice” app ($4)

ASLU superdisk with everything from ASLU ($20)