Spanish 1

Teacher: Janessa Godber

Age of Students: 12 and up

Class Fee: $5

Length: 2 Semesters

Prerequisites: A good knowledge of English grammar

Class Capacity: None

Class Description:

Spanish 1 is for beginner students wanting to learn the language. The pace of the class covers one chapter per month, six chapters for the full class. It is a challenging course, but with enough practice and discipline, students will have a better knowledge of the Spanish language. The focus of Spanish 1 is not for students to be able to speak well, but rather to learn and recognize the differences from their own language. We cover proper pronunciation, nouns, adjectives, regular and irregular verbs, numbers, dates, time and differentiating male and female words.  We check what has been learned with a quiz after each chapter and a final of all six chapters at the end of the course.

Homework Requirements:

A syllabus will be provided with weekly homework to be completed.

Required Materials:

Easy Spanish Step-by-Step  by  Barbara Bregstein