Toddler Time (2 year olds)

Teacher: Evelyn Valdez

Age of Students: 2 years old

Class Fee: $5

Length: 2 Semesters

Prerequisites: None

Class Capacity: 15

Class Description:

Exciting and fun class for toddlers to discover the world in which we live! Each lesson will incorporate one or more of the following: interactive story time, sensory activities, music time, hands-on arts and crafts and other creative ways to learn fine motor skills, enhance their understanding of shapes, colors, numbers and letters, and most importantly, exert their physical energy through play! We will use a plethora of resources from blocks, sensory bins, puzzles, foam alphabet mats, bubbles, newspapers, Play-Doh, paint and dry pastas.

Homework Requirements: 


Required Materials:

Backpack to take items home.


We may on occasion do a project that can get messy. In the event that we do, I will send a message to the parents asking students to wear something that they can get dirty! I am so excited to teach your sweet children!