Tournament Chess

Age of Students: 9 and up

Class Fee: $15


  1. Good sportsmanship is a must! Students must have a willingness to win, to lose, and to learn with a good attitude.
  2. United States Chess Federation Membership (Join Here; USCF membership is good for 1 or 2 years).
  3. Acceptance into Tournament Chess may only be determined by…
    1. having taken at least 1 semester of Fundamental Chess.
    2. placing top 3 in a previous semester’s Fundamental Chess round robin tournament.
    3. placing Intermediate or Advanced in our Placement Test (if new to MC2).
    4. a preexisting USCF rating or having other rated chess tournament experience.
    5. a strong desire to deeply study chess and compete in rated chess tournaments.

Class Length: Two Semesters

Coach: Matt Bailey

Class Description

If you’re ready to take your chess skills to the next level, then this class is for you! The class is designed for students who have experienced tournament chess, or have enjoyed the art and sport of chess through extensive lessons and would like to test their skills in rated tournaments. Since the object of this class is to prepare you for USCF rated tournament play throughout the year we’ll be focusing on advanced chess strategy and planning.

Class Requirements

Class time will be used to prepare our students for area USCF rated tournaments throughout the year. The students are highly encouraged to attend all USCF rated tournaments scheduled by the coach for full MC2 Chess Club participation. However, if there are any unforeseen issues, emergencies, or important family activities that conflict with a scheduled tournament, please inform the coach in advance. All scheduled tournaments can be previewed on our class website HERE. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend each tournament, but you are not required to do so.

Advanced Tournament Chess will be split between lunch and 4th period and will be 1 and a half hours long. Therefore, students will have a 30 minute lunch period and need to be in the classroom promptly at 11:30am for class instruction. Tournament Chess will be divided into 2 sections – Intermediate and Advanced – so that each student can receive optimal instruction for their level. The lunchtime instructional period will be scheduled as follows:

  • Intermediate Section will meet 1st half of lunch.
  • Advanced Section will meet 2nd half of lunch.

After the lunchtime instructional period, students will go to 3rd period at Noon. Then, Tournament Chess will reconvene during 4th period.

Homework Requirements

In addition to in class instruction, we will be utilizing an online Chess Learning Management System (LMS) in order for the students to rapidly increase their Chess IQ through interactive lessons at home. The LMS will also allow the coach to keep track of each student’s personal [glossary_exclude]development[/glossary_exclude]. On the first day of class, the coach will provide each student with a login to the LMS, which can be found here: Homework assignments for the LMS will be given at the end of each class period and will be due the following Friday.

Tournament Chess homework assignments are a strict requirement for the class and must be completed each week. If by the end of the semester a student has not demonstrated a working knowledge of the ideas presented within the homework assignments, then their re-acceptance into Tournament Chess is entirely within the discretion of the coach. This discretion will be based upon the student’s hard work (or lack thereof) – NOT their ability to fully understand or master the subject.

Round Robin Tournament

In order to create a club ladder, and for rated tournament practice, students will play each other student throughout the year. This tournament will be divided into 2 sections: Elementary and Middle School/High School. During 4th period, students will play a G/30;d5 club tournament game that can last up to one hour and ten minutes. At the end of the first semester, the coach will award the top 3 students in each section with medals during the morning announcements on the last Friday before break. At the end of the year, the current top 3 students in each section will be awarded medals during the MC2 Open House.

During the MC2 Winter (Nov-Dec) and Summer (May-July) breaks, students will have the opportunity to continue advancing up the MC2 Chess Club Ladder through challenges. Challenging higher level students in the MC2 Chess Club is not required, but is available to each student if desired. Please see the MC2 Chess Club Ladder Tournament Rules HERE.