Writing Composition IEW Ages 11+

Teacher: Stephanie Griffith              Assistant: Melanie Owens

Age of Students: 11-14

Class Fee: $10

Length: 2 Semesters

Class Capacity: 15

Prerequisites: None

Class Description:

Students will be taught how to write quality sentences, paragraphs, stories and essays in this class.  We will be using one of IEW’s theme based books – Ancient History. So your student will be learning some world history along with learning how to be a quality writer! Each student must have a copy of the “Ancient History Based Writing Lessons” student book. The student resource packet comes free as an e-book with your purchase of the student book. This student resource packet must be printed and put in a 3 ring binder.  You may also purchase the student resource packet for $21 if you would would prefer to purchase it already printed and in a binder. The student book and the student resource packet are both necessary for this class. Students will be expected to bring both each week.  Contact the teacher for questions if you need help figuring this out!

Homework Requirements:

There will be a homework assignment each week.

Required Materials: