Teacher: Denee Stockman    Assistant: Vicki Bone

Age of Students: 14 and up

Class Fee: $15

Length: 2 Semesters

Prerequisites: 2018 Fall Semester Yearbook class

Class Capacity: 9

Class Description:

This class is only open to those students who took Yearbook in the fall of 2018. The production of the yearbook will continue to be our main focus this semester, which means our deadline to have the book complete for printing is getting closer, March 8th to be exact. This will allow time for final editing, printing, shipping,distribution, and signing of the yearbooks. Students will have an opportunity to make any final changes to their assigned pages, vote on superlative categories, and begin creating a paperback Senior Book for our graduating Seniors. Students considering
returning to Yearbook need to be focused, motivated, and self-starters. This is a fast paced and, at times, demanding class. Students need to possess an eagerness to
meet deadlines as they are assigned tasks. Organization and communication are key. Please consider these attributes as you make your decision on whether or not this class is right for you.

Homework Requirements:

Students will be required to work on their assigned pages from home. I can not stress this enough.

Required Materials:

Digital camera or good cellphone camera are strongly suggested. Home computer w/internet access.  Optional: laptop to bring to class.


Returning students, who have successfully completed their assigned pages, will be given a free yearbook as a token of appreciation for a job well done.